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仁爱版英语七年级下Unit6 Topic2测试题及答案.doc
仁爱版七年级(下)英语目标教学检测题 五 Topic 2,Unit 6 (检测时间:45分钟 满分100分) Class: Name: Marks: I. 单项选择。(15分) ( ) 1. Maria sees a pen on the floor. She stops . A. to pick it up B. to pick up it C. picking it up D. picking up it ( ) 2. — What’s your friend’s home like? — A. It’s an apartment building. B. He works in a factory. C. She is very tall with long black hair. D. He isn’t well today. ( ) 3. You can get someone in the shop you buy something. A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping ( ) 4. There is a hospital the corner of the street. A. in B. of C. with D. on ( ) 5. You can mail some letters in the . A. bank B. post office C. supermarket D. hospital ( ) 6. the road, you will find a hospital between the post office and the supermarket. A. In the end of B. In the end C. At the end D. At the end of ( ) 7. Listen! One of the boys to others. A. are speaking B. are telling C. is speaking D. is telling ( ) 8. The traffic in this city very heavy. A. is B. are C. has D. have ( ) 9. — You are singing too loud. — A. Thank you. B. Sorry. C. Thanks. D. Yes. ( ) 10. There is something wrong my kitchen fan. A. of B. with C. about D. for II. 完形填空。(15分) Tom and David live in the same building and they are in the same class. It’s a little 1 their school. David has a bike, 2 Tom doesn’t. He has to get up 3 in the morning. After breakfast, Tom goes to the 4 in a hurry. Sometimes there’re 5 people on the bus and he can’t find a 6 for himself. When he gets to the classroom, he feels a little 7 . So he asks his father to 8 a bike for him. The worker is not very rich and doesn’t agree(同意). The boy begins 9 and his father has to say, “ 10 , I’ll buy a bike for you next term.” ( ) 1. A. near B. far C. next to D. far from ( ) 2. A. and B. but C. so D. when ( ) 3. A. soon B. late C. early D. fast ( ) 4. A. bus stop B. school C. street


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