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毕业设计(论文)-单片机控制的太阳能充电器(硬件).doc 67页

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中 国 矿 业 大 学 本科生毕业设计 姓 名: 学 号: 学 院: 信息与电气工程学院 专 业: 设计题目: 专 题: 指导教师: 职 称: 2009年 6 月 徐州 中国矿业大学毕业设计任务书 学院 信电学院 专业年级学生姓名 任务下达日期:年 月 日 毕业设计日期: 年 月 日至 年 月日 毕业设计题目: 毕业设计专题题目: 毕业设计主要内容和要求:院长签字: 指导教师签字:AT89S52; ADC0809 ABSTRACT Against the background of energy shortage and its pollution, solar energy as a new kind of energy has a lot of advantages such as large reserves, economic, cleanliness and so on. So, people begin to pay more attention to the use of solar energy. The paper designs a feasible solar energy charging controller and storage batteries are charged to meet the needs of low-power users. This article focuses on the use of single-chip realization of solar charge control technology. 100-watt solar panels to 12-volt solar battery charge controller hardware system is detailed, including system hardware circuit design, the various parts of the circuit functions, working principles and models of selected electronic components. Hardware system is composed of four parts, which are DC regulated power supply circuit, A / D to achieve on the battery terminal voltage of the dynamic monitoring and conversion, AT89S52 relay control and output switching circuit. And finish the entire solar charge controller circuit schematic design and production. PROTEUS simulation with circuit simulation software was accomplished, and a corresponding circuit board was produced. However, due to time constraints, failed to complete the kind of experimental test. In this paper, also the structure of the principle of solar cells, solar panels of the Volta metric characteristics of lead-acid batteries commonly used in the work of principle was detailed, and the basis of methods commonly used on rechargeable batteries was introduced. Key words: solar; battery; charge control; AT89S52; ADC0809 目 录 摘 要 i ABSTRACT ii 1


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