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售货合同 中英对照 合同编号: Contract NO: 签订地点: Signed at: 签订日期: Date: 买方: The? Buyers: 卖方: The Sellers: 双方同意按下列条款由买方售出下列商品: The Buyers agree to buy and the Sellers agree to sell the following goods on terms and conditions as set forth below: (1)商品名称、规格及包装 (1)Name of Commodity ,Specifications and Packing? (2)数量 (2)Quantity ?(3)单价 (3)Unit Price ?(4)总值 (4)Total Value ? ? ? (装运数量允许有 %的增减) (Shipment Quantity %more or less allowed) ? (5)装运期限: (5)Time of Shipment: (6)装运口岸: (6)Port of loading: (7)目的口岸: (7)Port of Destination: (8)保险;由 方负责,按本合同总值110%投保_____险。 (8)Insurance:To be covered by the___for 110% of the invoice value against_______. (9)付款:凭保兑的、不可撤销的、可转让的、可分割的即期有电报套汇条款/见票/出票____天期付款信用证,信用证以_____为受益人并允许分批装运和转船。该信用证必须在______前开到卖方,信用证的有效期应为上述装船期后第15天,在中国______到期,否则卖方有权取消本售货合约,不另行通知,并保留因此而发生的一切损失的索赔权。 (9)Terms of Payment:By confirmed, irrevocable, transferable and divisible letter of credit in favour of _____payable at sight with TT reimbursement clause/___days?sight/date allowing partial shipment and transshipment. The covering Letter of Credit must reach the Sellers before _____and is to remain valid in _____.China until the 15th day after the aforesaid time of shipment, failing which the Sellers reserve the right to cancel this Sales Contract without further notice and to claim from the Buyers for losses resulting therefrom. (10)商品检验:以中国________所签发的品质/数量/重量/包装/卫生检验合格证书作为卖方的交货依据。 (10)Inspection:The Inspection Certificate of Quality / Quantity / Weight / Packing / Sanitation issued by_______of China shall be regarded as evidence of the Sellers’ delivery. (11)装运唛头: (11)Shipping Marks: 其他条款: OTHER TERMS: 1. 异议:品质异议须于货到目的口岸之日起30天内提出,数量异议须于货到目的口岸之日起15天内提出,但均须提供经卖方同意的公证行的检验证明。如责任属于卖方者,卖方于收到异议20天内答复买方并提出处理意见。 1. Discrepancy:In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, while for quantity discrepancy, claim should be lodged by the Buyers within 15 days after the arrival

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