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MSS SP-72-2010 法兰端或对焊端通用球阀.pdf 13页

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MSS SP-72-2010 Ball Valves with Flanged or Butt-Welding Ends for General Service Standard Practice Developed and Approved by the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. 127 Park Street, NE Vienna, Virginia 22180 Phone: (703) 281-6613 Fax: (703) 281-6671 e-mail: info@ MSS STANDARD PRACTICE SP-72 This MSS Standard Practice was developed under the consensus of the MSS Technical Committee 401 and the MSS Coordinating Committee. The content of this Standard Practice is the result of the efforts of competent and concerned volunteers to provide an effective, clear, and non-exclusive specification that will benefit the industry as a whole. This MSS Standard Practice is intended as a basis for common practice by the manufacturer, the user, and the general public. The existence of an MSS Standard Practice does not in itself preclude the manufacture, sale, or use of products not conforming to the Standard Practice. Mandatory conformance is established only by reference in a code, specification, sales contract, or public law, as applicable. "Other standards documents referred to herein are identified by the date of issue that was applicable to this Standard Practice at the date of issue of this Standard Practice. See Annex A. This Standard Practice shall remain silent on the applicability of those other standards of prior or subsequent dates of issue even though applicable provisions may not have changed. References contained herein which are bibliographic in nature are noted a


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