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人教版七年级下英语第二次月考及答案详解.doc 7页

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七年级英语第二次月考试卷 笔试部分(95分) 五.单选(25分) 21. There is ______milk in the bottle. A. a little B. a few C. many D. a bit 22. She stopped ________when the teacher came in. A. to sing B. singing C. sings D. sing 23. There isn’t_______ on the table. A. something B .everything C. anything 24. Mary is talking ______her classmates. A. in B. for C. to D. at 25. ______woman in red is Lucy’s mother. A. The B.A C. An D. / 26. Who is the woman _____blonde hair? Oh, she is my mother. A. has B. with C. wear D. of 27. I’d like ________ an action movie. A. see B. to see C. seeing D. watch 28. This pair of shoes_______ white. A. be B. is C. are D. has 29. Lucy loves to ________jokes. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak 30. – I don’t like mutton beef. – I don’t like mutton, I like beef a lot. A. and, but B. and, and C. or, but D. or, and 31. I’d like some and . A. porridge, vegetable B. broccoli, tomatoes C. potatos, bananas D. French fries, orange juices 32. --- of shoes do you wear? --- Size 7. A. What B. What size C. What kind D. What color 33. Nobody __________why he is late. A. is knowing B. knows C. know D. knowing 34. My sister is not tall or short. She is ____________. A. of medium height B. of medium build C. tall D. short 35. ---What is your father like? ---He ___________________. A. likes history B. is friendly C. likes eating meat D. is 40 years old. 36. Would you like some tea? A. Yes, please. B. No, please. C. No, I don’t. D. Yes, I would. 37.—When_______ your father_______ to Beijing? ?Last week. A. does; go B. did; go C. did; went 38. They often watch TV______ _Sunday morning. A. in B. on C .at 39. The students are studying_______ the math test now. A .at B. for C. with 40.She often _______to school early,but this morning she _______to school late. A .go; went B. goes; goes C. goes


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