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金融学外文文献英文文献外文翻译担保的作用和个人担保贷款的关系10.doc 8页

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外文文献原文 Material Source: Hitotsubashi University Author: lichiro uesugi Role of collateral and personal guarantees in relationship lending: evidence from Japan's SME loan market 1 Introduction A key issue of interest in the recent literature on financial intermediation has been the role of relationship lending. Relationship lending is particularly common in the case of small business lending, because small businesses typically rely on bank loans for a substantial part of their financing needs but also tend to be informationally opaque. An important issue in this context is the use of collateral, which is a common feature of loan contracts between small firms and banks around the world, and a number of theoretical and empirical studies have examined why it is so widespread and how it relates to the incentives for borrowers and lenders and the borrower-lender relationship. For instance, it has been argued that in the presence of information asymmetries between creditors and borrowers, collateral may mitigate the problem of adverse selection (Bester, 1985; 1987) and/or the problem of moral hazard (Bester, 1994; Boot, Thakor, and Udell, 1991). Collateral also affects the incentives of creditors, who will use it either as a substitute for (Manove, Padilla, and Pagano, 2001) or complement to (Rajan and Winton, 1995; Boot 2000; Longhofer and Santos, 2000) screening and monitoring efforts. Another aspect of collateral that studies have concentrated on is that its presence may depend on the length and intimacy of the relationship between creditors and borrowers (Boot, 2000; Boot and Thakor, 1994; Sharpe, 1990). Existing empirical research has yet to reach decisive conclusions about the nature of these relationships. This paper seeks to contribute to the existing literature on collateral using a unique firm-level data set of the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) loan market in Japan. Explicitly differentiating physical collateral (such as real esta


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