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高清安防市场 Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd 市场部经理 丁玉东 HD SDI 摄像机 & DVR High definition CCTV brings the same quality and experience of HDTV to the security world HD displays are broadly available due to high consumer adoption Availability of HD camera technology improving with growth in the HD consumer camcorder market Higher quality, detailed images provide better observability Wider aspect ratio (16:9) allows for a wider field of view Security operator gets live HD images at the console High resolution record and playback More detailed evidence Latest generation compression technology means better quality at lower bit rates As hard disks costs decrease, more bandwidth becomes available to store higher quality video HD SDI 摄像机 & DVR HD SDI 摄像机 & DVR Today, Megapixel/HD surveillance cameras use Ethernet To send HD video over 100Base-T Ethernet, the images must be heavily compressed For multiple video streams on the same network, total bandwidth cannot exceed 100 Mb/s A 10 camera system would need well in excess of 100:1 compression! Low frame rate and extreme loss of detail results from heavy compression Adds significant end-to-end latency: issue for high-speed dome cameras Ethernet can only be sent over 100m of Cat-5e before repeaters or hubs have to be used More points of failure! Multiple Ethernet hubs and repeaters are costly, particularly for industrial As encoder technology improves, IP cameras may not be upgradeable and require replacement Due to space and power constraints, in-camera encoders have limited capabilities and processing horse-power Very costly! To observe and capture the full resolution of HD images, the link from the camera must be very high bandwidth Ideally, full bandwidth without image compression or packetization Compression can be applied in the DVR and “throttled” according to the situation or trigger High quality playback is assured since the operator can determine image quality with a button push Operators can monitor live full band


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