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Session One 1. Consonant R 2. Consonant W R Tips Your mouth and lips come forward, like you are going to kiss. Your tongue moves back in your mouth, NOT forward. R at the beginning of words Rock Rip Reach Road Rain Rich Rome Raise Robe Rice R at the end of words or after a vowel Car Far Star Door Bear Four Air Year Turn Poor R in the middle of words Very Direction Arrange Erase Correct Marry Garage Original Hurry Zero Marine Berry Operation Caring Arrive Everyone R sentence The round rooster rushed into the wrong road. R Blends R is the strongest sound of the blend. When the blend is at the beginning of a word, your mouth prepares for the R, by coming forward before you even say the word. R blends at the beginning of words Training Trust Trip Great Tropical Bring Print President Product Cracker Crawl Break R blends in the middle of words Subtract Waitress Nutrition Australia Introduce Compress Oppression Betray R practice sentences The story he read on the radio was incorrect. Her career in the law firm is permanent. Richard and Brooke took a ride in their brand new Range Rover truck. Everyone will respect the Royal Family when they arrive at the airport. The trip to the Rocky Mountains will be rescheduled on Friday. W Tips Practice first with OO. Then go into OOOOOWAWAWA. Remember, A W is always makes a W sound. It NEVER makes a V sound. W Sentence What will we do? Comparing R and W Rick – Wick Right – White Remember, the W sound is also at the beginning of the words One and Once. W at the beginning of words Why Which When What Wipe Wish Weight Wing W in the middle of words Always Away Beware Rewind Awake Someone Halloween Hollywood W practice sentences The wind from the west was very wet. (Notice very has a /v/ sound) We woke up and washed the white washcloth. We waited for the waitress to give us water. We had a wonderful time in Washington and Wisconsin. Q words (produced as a KW sound) Question Quiet Queen Qualify Quit Quebec Quilt Choir Paragraph Practice


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