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新编大学英语第二册Unit6课件浙大版.ppt 80页

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Waiter: Have you had time to look over the menu? Customer: Yes. I would like the beefsteak. Waiter: How would you like your meat cooked? Customer: Well done, please. Waiter: Would you like a side salad? Customer: No. Waiter: Anything else to drink? Customer: Yes, a glass of your house wine. Waiter: Very good. I will bring your appetizer immediately. Where was she raised? 10. raise (Line 53, Para. 6) vt. grow or produce (crops); breed (sheep, etc.); bring up (a family) 种植或出产(作物);饲养 (羊等);养(家);抚育(子女) 她是在哪儿长大的? Raising that kind of sheep needs some professional knowledge. 饲养那种绵羊需要一些专业知识。 我们想将孩子养育成体面的人。 We want to raise our children to be decent men and women. 通过例句了解 raise 的其他含义: 1. The car raised dust as it went by. 2. He raised my spirits with encouragement and kind words. 3. I don’t wish the subject to be raised again. 4. The foolish prince raised an army against his father. 5. His long absence raised fears about his safety. 扬起;举起;抬起 提高;提升 提出 招募;筹集 引起 11. require (Line 59, Para. 7) vt. 1) need; depend on for success, fulfillment, etc. 需要;依靠······而成功、完成等 Your watch requires adjusting. 你的手表需要调一下了。 我需要两名志愿者来帮我的忙。 I require two volunteers to help me. She studied hard. As a result, she made rapid progress in the studies. He slipped and broke his leg. As a result, he will have to be away from school for two or three months. He has won the game. He is in high spirits as a result. 她学习非常用功,学业有了长足的进步。 他滑倒之后摔断了腿,不得不休学两个月。 他赢得了比赛,情绪非常高涨。 今天的晚会因你而美丽。 因这场战争引起的其他事情也随之发生。 The party tonight is beautiful as a result of you. Meanwhile other events had occurred as a result of this war. 比较:as a result of 表示“由于······的原因,由······引起的” 因此,来自一种文化的人常常会认为来自另一种文化的人所吃的一些食物是难以忍受或令人作呕的。 1. As a result, people from one culture often think the foods that people from another culture eat are disgusting or nauseating. (Line 2) 2. For example, broccoli is first on a list of


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