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4. mysterious (Line 21, Para. 7) adj. strange, not easily understood 神秘的;难以理解的 I found the whole affair of the so-called assassination of the President quite mysterious. 我发现总统所谓遇刺的整个事件是相当神秘的。 两词都可以指神秘的,或秘密的 词义辨析:mysterious与secret mysterious 指对于客观事物或现象由于超过目前常人可能理解的能力而玄妙莫测,难以解释,因而往往归之于天、神、佛等宗教色彩的东西。 secret 指只有极少数人可以知晓,大多数人都不让知道的(事)。 This plan must be kept absolutely __________ . His brother received a __________ parcel this morning. They have decided to sign a ___________ treaty on the way to Washington. Several children reported seeing ___________ objects in the sky. secret mysterious secret mysterious 5. puzzle (Line 28, Para. 8) vt. cause someone to feel confused because they can not understand something 使迷惑;使为难 The question puzzled me. (or: I was puzzled by the question.) 这个问题把我难住了。 He is ____________________________ how to be employed by the company by holding a fake diploma. 他正在为如何能利用一张假文凭而被那家公司录用而大伤脑筋。 puzzling his brains about / over 6. carry off (Line 31, Para. 9) take (someone or something) away, remove (=carry away); take (someone or something) by force 搬走(与短语carry away同义);掠走 The men came and carried the table off. (=The man came and carried the table away.) 在夜晚,盗贼们掠走了那个农夫的羊。 几个人来了把桌子搬走了。 Thieves carried off the farmer’s sheep during the night. In 2004, Maria Sharapova from Russia ________________ her first grand slam title in Wimbledon at the age of 17. 在2004年,年仅17岁的俄罗斯姑娘莎拉波娃在温布尔顿赢得了她第一个大满贯头衔。 2) to win (something) (=carry away) 赢得(奖品等) carried off / away Chinese national football players explained that the bad weather conditions were responsible for their failure. 中国国家足球队的队员们称不佳的天气是他们失利的原因。 7. be responsible for (Line 36, Para. 10) adj. 1) being the cause of or to be blamed for sth. 作为原由的,应受归咎的 He was responsible for the continuing unity of his nation. 民族得以保持稳定团结是他的功劳。 The pilot of the plane is responsible for the passengers’ safety. 飞机驾驶员应对旅客的安全负责。 The children were responsible for cle


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