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课 题 Module6 Unit2 The London Eye is on your right 教学目标 1To learn the new words and phrases. 2Key structures: Take the boat back... Get off the boat... 3To get information from the reading material. 4To learn the more sentences about directions. 教学重点及难点 1To learn the more sentences about directions. 2To get information from the reading material. 教学过程 教学流程 教师活动? ?学生活动? Step1 Lead -in Step2 Reading Step3 Care-ful reading Step4 Writing Step5 Exercises 1Show the students some pictures of places interest in London. And ask the students if they know anything about it.(Have the students try to say something about them. Give them help if they need. ) 2Tell the students something about each of the these places. And teach the students the pronunciation of the names of the famous places of in London. 3Have the students look at the pictures in Activity 1 and match the pictures with the names. 4Call back the answers. 1Ask the students to read the passage as quickly as they can and label the places in Activity1. 2Have some students to show their answers. 3Let the students look at the map and answer the questions: Where is Trafalgar Square? How can you get Buckingham from Trafalgar Square ? Is Big Ben opposite the London Eye? Is the Tower of London next to a famous bridge? Which bridge is it? 4Elict the answers. 1Read the passage again and complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. 2Ash some students to show their answers and then the teacher shows the right answers. 3Let the students read through the passage and pay attention to the useful expressions: Welcome to... Turn left/right into... get on/off go past The best way to... This is where... Have the students underline them in the passage. 3Ask the students to look at the map in Activity2 again and then have them give the directions about this tour. 4Ask some volunteers to show their ideas. 1Show a map of the streets to the students to give the directi


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