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基于PLC程控输煤系统的设计与控制_本科毕业设计.doc 71页

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本科毕业设计(论文) 摘 要关键词: Based On PLC,Program-controlled Coal Conveying System Abstract Thermal power plant coal conveying system is the guarantee of safe and reliable operation of the power plant boiler is very important support system, is mainly responsible for generating sets of coal unloading, storage and coal. How to ensure the reliability of equipment operation, reduce the operating and maintenance personnel the labor strength, improve the economic benefit, has become a topic worth studying. Programmable logic controller (PLC) is developing very rapidly in recent years, a wide application, microprocessor as the core, integrating microcomputer technology, automation technology and communication technology in the integration of general industrial control device. It has complete functions, convenient use, easy maintenance, strong commonality, high reliability, high ratio of performance to price, has been in the areas of industrial control is widely used and become a powerful tool to realize industrial automation. This article is based on Siemens S7-200 PLC, program-controlled coal conveying system is designed. Between various devices are realized safety interlock protection control function: the coal conveying system motor start-stop is fairly strict control sequence. When starting, in order to avoid in front transport belt accident caused by the accumulation of coal material, system requirements inverse coal material flow direction in a certain time interval starting sequence. Stops in order not to make the transport belt accident, caused by residual coal feeding system requirements along the coal flow direction in a certain time interval sequence stops. PLC control system hardware design layout is reasonable, reliable work, convenient operation and maintenance, good work. With PLC program-controlled coal SPC system, not only has realized the automation of the equipment operation management and monitoring, to improve the reliability and security of the system, and


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