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词 汇 表 普通词汇 abbreviate to make (a word , story, etc.) shorter: 节略 abet to help in a plan, esp. a crime: 從恿; 教唆 ability power and skill ,esp. to do ,think, make, etc (尤指制作, 思考, 创造等的)能力; 才能 She has the ability to go to college, but she doesn’t want to. abrupt 1. sudden and unexpected:突然的 The train came to an abrupt stop, making many passengers fall off their seats. 2. ( of behavior, character, etc.) rough, rather impolite: (行为, 性格等); 无礼的 abuse 1. to do cruel things to(a person or animal): 虐待, 凌辱(人或动物) I won’t allow you to abuse that dog. 2. to say cruel or rude things to or about (somebody or something): 骂(人或事); 讲…坏话 3. to put to wrong use ;use badly: 滥用; 妄用 to abuse one’s power academic 1. concerning teaching or studying ,esp. in a college or university:(学院或大学) 教学的; 学术的 2. concerning those subject taught to provide skills for the mind rather than for the hand: 人文研究的; 学术上的 accelerator the piece of apparatus in a car , etc . which is used to increase speed:(汽车等的) 加速装置; 加速器 access 1.a means of entering ; way in ; entrance: 进入; 通路 The only ( means of ) access to their house is a narrow road. 2. means or right of using , reaching , or entering: 使用接近或者进入的方法权利 accommodation a place to live ; room , flat , house , hotel room ,etc .住所 What sort of accommodation can you get in? accomplishment 1.the act of accomplishing or finishing work completely and successful: 完成; 成就 2. a skill ; something in which one is accomplished: 造诣; 成就 accordance agreement: 一致 I sold the house , in accordance with your orders . accuracy the quality of being ACCURATE : exactness or correctness :正确性; 准确性 accurate careful and exact ; exactly correct : 准确的; 确切的 Give me an accurate report of what happened . acidity the quality of


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