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2013年春四年级下册英 语 教 案 编写教师:陈珍 Unit 1 Our School Period 1 Teaching Aims: To find out whether the students have got the key words or not. Find out whether the students have got the main sentences or not. Double check whether they have got the rules of the pronunciation of the letter Aa 4. Double whether they have got the way of writing an English sentence. Important points and difficult points: Remind them to remember the rules of writing an English sentence. Remind them how to figure out the pronunciation of letter Aa. 3.Try to use the main sentences to make their own sentences. Teaching Methods: TPR, Reading, Acting. Learning Methods:speaking, listening Teaching Aids: Computer, word cards, flash cards, VCD, courseware, pictures. Teaching steps: Warm-up a. Greetings. Are you happy today? If so, let’s sing a song together ‘ Our School’, Revision Key words revision: Let the class use the key words to make some sentences. Have a dictation. A competition, different group has different words: Computer school that board Teacher map yes wall Picture this light floor Main sentences: Is this …? Is that …? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Exercises: to complete a dialogue A: Welcome to our school! This is the teacher’s office. That is my classroom B: How many students are there in your class? A: Forty-five. D. Exercises of pronunciation: To judge which words group have the same sound (1) Apple, plate, (2) have, make (3) bag, at (4) hat, face (5)grape, snake (6) cat, plane E. Exercise for multiple choice. ( ) 1.Let’s go and have a ______! A. see B. meet C. look ( ) 2. Welcome ____ my home! A. in B. to C. at ( ) 3. The art room is on ____second floor. A. / B. a C. the ( ) 4. This _____ my classroom A. are B. am C. is If time is enough, the class may do more exercises in the Active book. Homework: To copy five stars words four times each. b. To read and recite Let’s talk. Board-writing: U


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