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Lesson 6 How It Feels When Parents Divorce Text A Ari, age fourteen When my parents were married, I hardly ever saw my Dad becausc he was always busy working. Now that they're divorced , I've gotten to know him more because I'm with him everu weckend. And I really look forward to the weekends because it's kind of like a break-it's like going to Disncyland because thcre's no set schedule, no "Be home by five-thirty" kind of stuff. It's open. It's free. And my father is always buying me presents. My Mom got remarried and divorced again, so I've gone through two divorces so far. And my father's also gotten remarricd-to someone I don't get along with all that well. It's all rnade me fcel that people shouldn't get married-they should just livc together and make their own agreement. Then, if things get bad , they don't have to get divorced and hire lawyers and sue each other. And. even more important, they don't have to end up hating each other. I'd say that the worst part of the divorce is the money problem. It's been hard on mv Mom because lots of times she can't pay her bills, and it makes her angry when I stay with my fatherand he buys me things. She gets mad and says things like "If he can buy you things like this , then he should be able to pay me. " And I feel caught in the middle for two reasons; first, I can't really enjoy whatever my Dad does get for me, and second, I don't know who to believe. My Dad's saying, "I don't really owe her any money," and my Mom's saying he does. Sometimes I fight for my Mom and sometimes I fight for my Dad, but I wish they'd leave me out of it completely. In a lot of ways I wish my Mom would get remarried, because then she wouldn't have to worry so much about finances. But I'm sorry that my Dad got remarried, because I feel left out a lot of times. And one thing I really worry about is that I think they want to have a baby, and I know that if


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