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高二英语人教版选修8精选课件《Unit 3 Inventors and inventions》第1课时 Warming up.ppt 19页

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高二英语人教版选修8精选课件《Unit 3 Inventors and inventions》第1课时 Warming up.ppt
Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 人教版英语 类别 课程标准要求掌握的项目 词汇 discovery, distinguish, approach, convenient, seize, valid, bear, current, importance, stable, practical, associate work out, go through, call up, now and then, get rid of, set about, decide on/upon, pick up, dive into, set out(to do), hang on, out of order, get through, ring back, ring off 语法 复习过去分词(用作定语、表语和宾语补足语) discovery(n.) 1)[C] 被发现的事物(或真相,人) ①The drug is not a new discovery——it's been known about for years. 这种药并不是什么新发现——人们多年前对它已有所了解。 ②A collector of rare insects will show us some of his latest discoveries. 一位稀有昆虫采集家将给我们看一些他的最新发现。 2)[C&U]~(of sth)|~(that...) 发现;发觉 ①He made wonderful discoveries in science. 他在科学上有过伟大的发现。 ②At first, he was pleased with the discovery. 开始,这个发现使他高兴了一阵子。 【知识运用】 (1)(2004广东-28) While he was investigating ways to improve the telescope, Newton made________discovery which completely changed________man's understanding of colour. A.a; 不填      B.a; the C.不填; the D.the; a 答案:A 本题题意:在研究望远镜的改进方式时,牛顿有了一个彻底改变人类对颜色认知的发现。make a discovery表示“发现”;man 表示“人类”,不和冠词连用,偶尔采用复数形式。例如:This happens time and again in the course of the history of man.在人类历史的进程中,这种事一次又一次地发生。 (2)(原创)During the last half of the 20th century,the pace of scientific________accelerated greatly,particularly in the biological sciences. A.invention B.discovery C.construction D.creation 答案:B 本题题意:在20世纪的后半叶,科学发现的速度大大加快了,特别是在生物科学领域。scientific discovery表示“科学发现”。 (3)The________of the computer has made our work much easier. A.invention B.discovery C.recognition D.realization 答案:A 本题题意:计算机的发明让我们的工作轻松多了。invention表示“发明;创造”。 work sth out 1)计划;思考 I've worked out a new way of doing it. 我想出了做这事的一个新方法。 2)找到……的答案;处理、解决 I can't work out where the music was coming from. 我弄不清这音乐是从哪儿传来的。 3)计算;算出 How could he work out the problem? 他怎样才能解出这道题呢? 【知识拓展】 1)work out (1)成功地发展 Things have worked out quite well for us. 事情的结果对我们很不错。 (2)锻炼身体,做运动 I work out regularly to keep fit. 我经常做运动以保持健康。 (3)~(at sth)计算;计算出 It'll work out cheaper to trave


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