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Element6 Element5 Element4 Element3 Element2 Element1 Audit Result Graph Are the employees given the responsibility & authority for monitoring the product and process quality?员工是否被赋予监控产品和过程质量的权利和责任 Look for:期待 ? Records regarding the control of inspection stamps (stamp control, traceability to workers)关于管理检查刻字的记录(刻字管理、工人可追踪) ? Interpretation of control charts判读控制图 ? Correctly filled in check sheets and related records正确填写检查表和相关的记录 Do the Associates display ownership for production equipment, environment and health & safety?合作方是否可以出示生产设备的所有权及展示环境、健康和安全 Look for:期待 ? Tidiness and cleanliness of work place整洁干净的工作场所 ? Condition of tooling, handling & storage of tooling / equipment.模具、操作和存贮模具/设备的环境 Are the employees competent to perform the required tasks and are their qualifications maintained?员工是否有能力完成必须的任务以及资格是否被持续 Look for:期待 ? Latest level job descriptions / tasks lists available and signed有最新一级的职务说明/任务列表并署名 ? Training / qualification records, versatility charts培训/资质记录,多功能图 ? Training plans培训计划 ? Knowledge of product nonconformities不良品的专门知识 ? Training & knowledge regarding Product Liability关于产品责任的培训和专门知识 Is there a personnel plan with a replacement ruling?是否有人员变更接替计划 The necessary qualifications must also be ensured for replacement personnel替代的人员必须保证具有必要的资格 Look for:期待 ? Identified replacement / stand-in personnel有替换替代人员 ? Qualification records of stand-in personnel替代人员的资质记录 Are instruments to increase employee motivation effectively implemented?员工激励手段是否被有效执行 Willingness to perform must be promoted through targeted information and quality awareness.通过把了解信息和质量作为目标,自觉的完成任务的行为必须提倡 Look for:期待 ? Appropriately displayed quality information (actual vs target) which should be correctly interpreted by the Associates合作方应正确解释须适当展现的质量知识(实际情况与目标) ? Improvement suggestions改进意见 3.Production Material / Equipment生产原料/设备 Product quality requirements and SHE requirements (especially SHE legal requirements) must be satisfied using the available production equipment. Machine and proces