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Introduction : an introduction to the essay Body : evidence to support your idea (用论据说明自己的观点) Conclusion: state or restate your idea 结论(重申自己的观点, 呼应前文) Introduction (开头): Nowadays , … play a more and more important role in our daily life. (如今, …在我们的日常生活中越来越重.) 2)Should ……? Different people have different opinions on the issues of … 3) Recently we had a heated discussion on… Opinions are various among different people. (人们对此事有不同的看法) (04)湖北: 学习英语要不要从儿童时期开始? Different people have different opinions on the issues of whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood. Body(正文): 1. Some may hold the view that… because / firstly.. (有些人认为…) But others have a negative attitude. From their point of view,… (有些人却持有不同的观点, 他们认为…) 2. some people are against the idea of … because …. while some are for the idea of … 3.1) (表顺序)Firstly…. (in the first place,/ first of all) secondly… thirdly… , the last but not the least , 2)(表递进) what is more/in addition/ furthermore/ moreover (另外) , what is worse(更糟糕的是…) 3) (表比较) on one hand…. on the other hand, on the contrary Practice 1. 有些人认为做运动可以强身健体, 然而有些人认为运动是浪费时间. Some hold the view that doing sports can keep fit , while others think that it is a waste of time to do sports. 2.对于高考, 一方面我们要尽我们所能, 另一方面我们要保持良好的心态. As for the examinations to college, on one hand, we should try our best, on the other hand , we should keep a good state of mind. 3. 上网不仅可以获得最新的国内外新闻,而且还可以交朋友 We can get the latest news both at home and abroad by surfing the Internet, what is more, we can also make friends. body 4. As far as I am concerned , I hold the view that… 5. I totally agree with the statement that … 6. Personally , I support the idea that… The reasons are presented below. (我的观点是…, 论据如下…) Conclusion (结论): 1. Taking all these factors into consideration, we may reach the conclusion that… 2. Therefore , it is easy to draw the conclusion that … 3. To sum up / in a


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