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Unit 1 Fresh Start * Pre-reading questions Q1: How do you feel when you begin to do a new thing? Q2: Do you remember your first days at college? Did anything special happen then? Square v. to set straight or at approximate right angles ~ one’s shoulders 2) n. geometric figure with four equal sides and angles 3) adj. having four equal sides and right angles A ~ table, room, handkerchief Be there or be square. rectangle triangle discreet adj. careful ;not too obvious 1) I should make a few discreet enquires about the firm before you sign anything. 2) A discreet perfume Discretion n. Idioms: The age/years of discretion: maturity At sb’s discretion: on the basis of sb’s judgment Cf: discrete adj. Separate; distinct 分离的,截然分开的 A series of discrete events reserve 1)n. ① [usu pl] thing put aside or kept for later use; extra amount available when needed 储备物,储备量 The gold reserve ② area of land reserved esp as a habitat for nature conservation a bird, wildlife reserve ③ a limitation on one’s agreement with a plan, acceptance of an idea We accept your statement without reserve. ④ tendency to avoid showing one’s feelings and appear unsociable to other people 矜持,自制 For once, she lost/dropped her customary reserve and became quite lively. ⑤ 替补队员 Idiom: In reserve: kept back unused, but available if needed 留以备用 Funds kept/held in reserve 备用金 2) v. ① put aside or keep sth for later occasion or special use These seats are reserved for special guests. ② book Reserve a table for two in the name of Xiaowang ③ (law) have or keep a special power All rights reserved Idiom: Reserve one’s judgment (on sb/sth) delay giving an opinion Reserved adj. (of a person or his character) slow to show feelings or express opinions whereabouts 1) n. the place where sb or sth is (pl 同sing.) Her present whereabouts is/are unknown. 2) adv. about where Whereabouts do you live? Tip off To give an advance warning or hint to Somebody must have tipped o


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