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小学英语课标中二级词汇整理.xls 22页

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Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 序号 词汇 音标 含义 备注(其他形式) 义务教育英语课程标准(2011年版)二级词汇整理 a/an about afraid after afternoon again all also always and angry animal answer any apple arm art ask at aunt autumn baby back bad bag ball banana basketball be(am, is are) bear beautiful bed before begin behind beside between big bike(bicycle) bird birthday black blackboard blue boat body book box boy bread breakfast bring brother brown bus busy but buy by cake call can candy cap car card cat chair chicken child(pl.children) China Chinese cinema city class clean clever clock close colthes cloudy coat cold colour(AmE color) come computer cook cool cousin sow crayon cry dad dance day dear desk difficult dinner dirty do doctor dog door down draw dress drink driver duck ear early easy eat egg elephant email English evening every exercise eye face family fan far farm farmer fast father favourite(AmE favorite) feel film find fine fish floor flower fly food foot(pl.feet) football for friend from fruit game get girl give go good goodbye(bye) grandfather(grandpa) grandmother(grandma) grass great green hair half hand happy have(has) he head healthy hear heavy hello help her here hi high him his holiday home horse hospital hot hour house how hungry I ice-cream idea ill in interesting it its juice jump kid kind kitchen kite know lake late left leg lesson let library light like listen little live long look love lunch make man(pl.men) many map maths(AmE math) me meet milk minute Miss monkey month moon morning mother mouth Mr Mrs Ms much mum(AmEmom) music my name near new next nice night no noodle nose not now nurse of often old on open or orange our panda parent park party PE pen pencil people photo picture pig place plane plant play playgroung please police potato pupil put rain read red rice right river room ruler run sad say school schoolbag science season see she ship sheep shirt shoe shop short shorts sing sister sit skirt sleep slow small snow sock some sometimes song sorry soup speak sport spring stand s


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