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THE TOP 30 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR TOP SCORES IN MATH LEVEL 2 1. FRACTIONS Make sure you know how to simplify fractions because answers are gener- ally presented in simplest form. Be able to find the least common denomina- tor of two or more fractions. Know how to multiply and divide fractions as well as use mixed numbers and improper fractions. Be comfortable solving fraction problems that involve variables. See Chapter 4, pp. 41–45. 2. PERCENTAGES Be able to convert between percents, decimals, and fractions. Be able to rec- ognize the meaning of terminology used in percentage problems in order to solve for an unknown. See Chapter 4, pp. 46–47. 3. EXPONENTS Familiarize yourself with the exponential notation and know how to apply the rules of exponents, particularly to simplify an expression containing mul- tiple exponents. Avoid common mistakes with exponents, such as incorrectly addressing negative exponents or multiplying exponents when they should be added. Be aware of rational exponents as well as variables in exponents. See Chapter 4, pp. 47–51. 4. REAL NUMBERS Be able to relate the different types of real numbers, and which groups are subsets of other groups. Know the properties of real numbers, including the properties of addition and multiplication. Be able to apply the distributive property. Review absolute value to know: • what it means • how it is represented in symbolic form • how to solve problems involving absolute value See Chapter 4, pp. 52–55. 5. RADICALS Know how to find roots of real numbers. Be aware that some p


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