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《公共英语三级真题及答案07 09 11》.doc
参考答案: 第二部分 完形填空 26-30 ADCAA 31-35 DDBBB 36-40 BAADB 41-45DCADA 第三部分 阅读理解 46-50 ACBCA 51-55 BBABB 56-60 ABADB 61-65EDCBG 第四部分 写作 66. Part A Possible answer Dear Sir or Madam, I was a tourist of your agency.I caught a bad cold during my last trip to Mount Tai.I had a fever and felt very awful.I really had no idea how to do at that moment.Fortunately,my tourist guide helped me a lot. She gave me some medicine,and prepared some porridge for me.Thanks to her warm care,I felt better very soon.1 write to show my gratitude to my guide—and your travel agency. Many thanks. Yours, Wang Lin 67. Part B Possible answer: This picture shows the serious overcrowding problem in a scenic place during the national holiday.As we can see from the picture,there are tourists everywhere.There are a lot of people enjoying boating in the small lake.Almost every inch of the bridge above the lake is covered by tourists.Tourists with their children spread on the land surrounding the lake.In a word,the only impression of the scenic place on national holiday is too crowded. The cause of the overcrowding problem is obvious.One is more and more people choose to travel during holidays.The other is the improvement of people's living standard.Here are some suggestions to avoid such a phenomenon.First,the scenic agency can show the number of the tourists who have booked the tickets on net.Those who plan to visit the scene can see the possible number of tourists beforehand.In this way,they can make another choice.Second,those who really want to enjoy their holidays had better avoid travelling in golden weeks. one who would like enjoy his holiday should be more reasonable.If all of the tourists choose to travel at the same time,no one can actually enjoy their holidays. 2009年3月公共英语三级真题及答案 (总分85, 考试时间90分钟)   section listening comprehension   1—25(略)   section use of english   directions: read the following text. choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mar


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