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DEM地形参数解析模型计算器地研究.pdf 67页

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ABSTRACT Through half a century’s development, the digital terrain analysis(DTA) technique has entered a new level. It provides a wide variety of GIS analysis functions, from slope, aspect, curvature to the complex hydrological analysis, network analysis, etc.. However, considering the cost, development cycle, etc., the GIS softwares are profiled only one or a few curing algorithms, which are considered the most efficiency、best relative precision and highest recognition. When a user wants to use a particular analysis method, he has to profile the program himself or turn to another different set of GIS software. Thus result in a serious waste of resources and time. Actually, all kinds of DTA are relatively independent mathematical formula. Once provided the necessary parameters, we can get the ideal results. Based on this consideration, in this paper, the concepts of the analysis model of DEM parameters is given, the model is built and corresponding algorithm is designed. As DEMs are main parameters through the operation, the problems caused by the different grid resolution DEMs often rised in their intersection region. The current method to solute this problem is resample. There exist variety kinds of resample and interpolation methods, and each has its own advantages. So, it is important to assist users to make a right choice of these methods. First of all, a resample programming evaluation system is built, then a model which called "calculated first and selected second" model is made. It can calculate the index value and feedback them to user, and supporting the user to choose the appropriate resampling method. Based on the researches above, a program aiming at the implementati


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