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Coming Home - ELT:回家-英语
Questions Another sound is mentioned. It is Mary’s long, choking ___. When the author says ‘Life had returned to her’, he means that Mary no longer feels ___. Color coding: calm to deep calm; near calm; tension to rising tension; climax Last Frosted Silence Solitary Inviolate * 6. Incomplete 7. Plaintive 8. Compared * 9. Anxious 10. Whined * 11. Contracted 12. Panic 13. Clattered 14. Temples * 15. Sedative 16. Trauma * 17. Crying 18. Cold 19. Stirred 20. Dialogue * 21. Froze 22. Stumbled * 23. Terror 24. Seized 25. Thud * 26. Gingerly 27. Grubby (x) * 28. Sob 29. Worried * Mary Irwin was coming home. She had been late getting away from work, and had only just managed to catch the last express. It was a cold, dismal1 night. Mary was tired. She gazed in silence at her pale reflection as it rocked to and fro in the frosted window of the railway carriage. The wrinkles of approaching age were visible round her dark eyes. Mary was a solitary2 person. At eighteen, she had acquired the habit of solitude3 as a defense against the callousness4 of the world. Now she was thirty-eight and it had become an impenetrable barrier. None of her acquaintances could get through it - nor would relatives have fared any better, if she had had any. That chance had been lost, years ago. Mary was efficient, cold, inviolate5. But she was also worried. Questions Don’t just say ‘late’, show ‘late’. The evidence: ___ express. Don’t just say ‘cold’, show ‘cold’. This image appeals to our sense of sight: ___ window. One word that appeals to our sense of hearing: ___. Use high-value words. Don’t say ‘lonely’, say: ___. The word that means that Mary is quite set in her ways: ___. She glanced sidelong into the glass. He was watching her. Again. Every night now for weeks he had sat opposite her on the way home. He had never said a word. Just stared. Of course when she looked at him he was busy reading his paper. But when her eyes left his face, she knew he watched


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