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燃煤锅炉 外文翻译 外文文献 英文文献 中英翻译本科生毕业设计(论文).doc 12页

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燃煤锅炉 外文翻译 外文文献 英文文献 中英翻译本科生毕业设计(论文)
外文出处: A. A. Shatil’, N. S. K. A. A. S., & V. Kudryavtsev, A. (2008). Controlling the furnace process in coal-fired boilers. Thermal Engineering, 55, 1, 72-77.? Controlling the Furnace Process in Coal-Fired Boilers The unstable trends that exist in the market of fuel supplied to thermal power plants and the situations in which the parameters of their operation need to be changed (or preserved), as well as the tendency toward the economical and environmental requirements placed on them becoming more stringent, are factors that make the problem of controlling the combustion and heat transfer processes in furnace devices very urgent. The solution to this problem has two aspects. The first involves development of a combustion technology and,accordingly, the design of a furnace device when new installations are designed. The second involves modernization of already existing equipment. In both cases,the technical solutions being adopted must be properly substantiated with the use of both experimental and calculationstudies. The experience Central Boiler-Turbine Institute Research and Production Association (TsKTI) and ZiO specialists gained from operation of boilers and experimental investigations they carried out on models allowed them to propose several new designs of multifuel and maneuverable—in other words, controllable—furnace devices that had been put in operation at power stations for several years. Along with this, an approximate zero-one-dimensional, zonewise calculation model of the furnace process in boilers had been developed at the TsKTI, which allowed TsKTI specialists to carry out engineering calculations of the main parameters of this process and calculate studies of furnaces employing different technologies of firing and combustion modes . Naturally, furnace process adjustment methods like changing the air excess factor, stack gas recirculation fraction, and distribution of fuel and air among the tiers of burners, as well as other operations written in


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