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how to keep healthyppt课件.ppt

Vocabulary 联想词汇 1)As the proverb says/ As the saying goes 2)In other words/ that is to say 3)valuable/ precious 4)benefit sth./ be of benefit to / be beneficial to/ be good for/ do good to 5)do harm to/ be harmful to/ be bad for 6)plays an important part/ role 7)a balanced diet 8)are rich in/ are full of / are high in/ contain lots of 9)healthy body/ good health/ (be) healthy/fit/ in good condition/ state 10) exercise/ (do) take exercise/ (do) have sports 11) build up one’s body/ strengthen one’s body 12) instead of / rather than 13) have a good living habit 14) get rid of/ break away from/ get out of / give up the bad habits of * Unit 2 Lead-in share ideas with others; decide which are the best ideas; make a list of those ideas; put those ideas into a map so that you can easily see them; use the map to help you as you write. How do you keep healthy? Brainstorm Vocabulary 词汇 Criteria of good composition Sentence 句型 Coherence 连贯性 sentences 连词成句 1. Nothing is (could be) more valuable (precious) than health. 2. which are rich in ; full of/containing; high in 3. It is vitamins, fibre and protein that help grow bones and muscles and help the body fight diseases. 4.Even if the junk food tastes very good, it does great harm to health. 9. Only if you stick to what I mentioned above are you sure to be in an excellent condition. 6. Doing exercise can not only build up our body, but also relax our mind. 7. The more exercise you do, the healthier we will become. 8.I do suggest getting rid of bad habits of smoking , drinking alcohol and staying up, which are harmful to our health. 5. It is necessary for us to exercise everyday. How to keep healthy ? As is known to all, health… to talk to native speakers to read English books ….. ….. ….. So / In a word, ……………. Title ways and reasons Conclusion Topic sentence 连句成篇:structure 1)表并列:and, both…and,