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PAGE  PAGE 20 英语II(1)07春期末复习资料 ?中央电大外语部 陈扬??2007年06月13日 第一部分 交际用语 (1. C???? 2. A???? 3. C??? 4. A????5. C???6. B???7. A????8. B9. B???10. C???11. A??12. A???13. B?? 14. C??? 15. A???? 16. A) 1.-Hello, may I talk to the headmaster now?-_________________. A. Sorry, you can’t B. No, you can’t C. sorry, he is busy at the moment 2. –What kind of TV program do you like best?? --________________. A. It’s hard to say, actually?????? B. I only watch them at weekend C. I’m too busy to say 3.-Oh, sorry to bother you. -_________________. A. Oh, I don’t know B. No, you can’t C. That’s okay 4.-Can you turn down the radio, please? -_________________. A. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was that loud B. Please forgive me C. I’ll keep it down next time 5. --Would you mind if I open the window for a better view?? --_____________. A. That’s fine, thank you?????????????? B. Yes, please C. Of course not 6. – Hello, could I speak to Don please?? -- __________? A. Who are you???????????????? B. Who’s speaking C. Are you Jane???????????????? ??? 7. --May I know your address? ? -- _______________. A. Sure. Here you are??????????? B. I have no idea C. It’s far from here 8. — How’s the movie? Interesting? ?? — ?????????????????????. ?? A. I was seated far away in the corner ?? B. Far from. I should have stayed home watching TV ?? C. It was shown late until midnight 9. — What if my computer doesn’t work? ?? — ?????????????????????. ?? A. I’m not good at computer????????? B. Ask Anne for help ?? C. I’ve called the repair shop?? 10. --Let’s take a walk. ? --_____________. A. Yes, let’s????????? B. Oh, thanks????????? C. Yes,please??????????? 11. – What’s the problem, Harry? ? -- ___________. A. I can’t remember where I left my glasses?? B. No problem at all??C. Thank you for asking me about it 12. — Is this the motel you mentioned? ?? — ?????????????????????. ?? A. Yes, it’s as quiet as we e


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