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支付谈判英文对话 篇一:支付谈判英文对话 商务英语支付方式谈判的对话 You represent China National Textiles I/E Corp., Zhengjiang Branch. You sell Jade Spring Brand woollen sweaters. A businessman From Mexico has ordered a total of $15 000 worth of your sweaters. Now you are talking about how the payment should be made. He’d like to make the payment by usance L/C. But you know that if you’re paid by usance L/C, you’ll have to ,though under the guarantee of the bank, submit your documents and everything first and be paid later. In addition, you would have to bear the foreign exchange risk. So you are really hesitating. Finally you agree, and tell the importer that you’ll have to charge him interest on that usance L/C and add it to the total cost. He agrees. 英语snEV77ZY292014-11-17篇二:支付谈判英文对话 1. Our terms of payment are by a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit by draft at sight. 我们的支付方式是以保兑不可撤消的、凭即期汇票支付的信用证。 2. Since the total amount is so big and the world monetary market is rather unstable at the moment, we can not ac cept any terms of payment other than a Letter of Credit. 因为这次交易额大,而且目前国际金融市场很不稳定,所以我们除 接受信用证付款外,不能接受别的付款方式。 3. We would suggest that for this particular order you let us have a D/D, on receipt of which we shall ship the goods on the first available steamer. 此次订货,我们建议你们使用即期汇票。收到该汇票后,我们将把 货物装上第一条可定到的船。 4. In order to conclude the business, I hope you ll meet me half way. What about 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P? 为了做成这批生意,希望双方都各让步一半。百分之五十以信用证 付款,百分之五十按付款交单怎么样? 5. For such a large amount, a L/C is costly. Besides, it ties up my money. All this adds to my cost. 开这样大数额的信用证,费用很大,再说资金也要积压,这些都要 使成本增加。 6. I d like to discuss the terms of payment with you. I won der if you would accept D/P. 我想同你讨论一下付款条件。不知你能否接受付款交单的方式。 7. Since we are old friends, I suppose D/P or D/A should be adopted this time as the mode of payment. 咱们是老朋友了,我想这次应该用D/P或者D/A付款方式吧。 8. As we must adhere to our customary practice, we hope that you will not think us unaccommodating. 由于我们必须坚持我们的一贯做法,我们希望你不要认为我们是不 肯通融的。 9. We re


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