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我们最大的错误是把最差的脾气和最糟糕的一面都给了最亲近的人。.doc 5页

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我们最大的错误就是把最差的脾气和最糟糕的一面都给了最亲近的人。 错过只在一瞬,思念却是一世。 在你的梦想和现实之间的距离,叫练习。 与其消极的逃避,不如勇敢一些面对。 抬起头就能看到阳光,生活总是充满希望的。 别让人生,输给了心情。 我想尖叫,我想失去控制,我想把手甩在空中不管,忘记所有的一切。 不求此生匆匆过,但求每日都成长。 爱一个不爱你的人就像抱着一颗仙人掌。你抱得越紧,越受伤。 有些事,我假装不知道。 有些话,我假装听不到。有些人,我假装对你笑。 你不必逞强,时间一定会为你疗伤。 integrated energy, chemicals and textile Yibin city, are the three core pillars of the industry. In 2014, the wuliangye brand value to 73.58 billion yuan, the city's liquor industry slip to stabilise. Promoting deep development of integrated energy, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, changning district, shale gas production capacity reached 277 million cubic metres, built the country's first independent high-yield wells and pipelines in the first section, the lead in factory production and supply to the population. 2.1-3 GDP growth figure 2.1-4 Yibin, Yibin city, Yibin city, fiscal revenue growth 2.1.4 topography terrain overall is Southwest, North-Eastern State. Low mountains and hills in the city landscape as the main ridge-and-Valley, pingba small fragmented nature picture for "water and the second land of the seven hills". 236 meters to 2000 meters above sea level in the city, low mountain, 46.6% hills 45.3%, pingba only 8.1%. 2.1.5 development of Yibin landscapes and distinctive feature in the center of the city, with limitations, and spatial structure of typical zonal group, 2012-cities in building with an area of about 76.2km2. From city-building situation, "old town-the South Bank" Center construction is lagging behind, disintegration of the old city is slow, optimization and upgrading, quality public service resources are still heavily concentrated in the old town together. Southbank Centre has not been formed, functions of the service area space is missing. Meanwhile, peripheral group centres service was weak and inadequate accounting for city development, "suspicious" pattern could not be formed. As regards transport, with the outward expansion of cities, cities have been expan


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