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世纪英语综合教程II(第五版) 教 案 教师姓名 授课班级 授课形式 Learn & Practice 授课日期 年 月 日 第 1周(上) 授课时数 2 hours 授课章节名称 Unit 1 Travelling Around Warn-up, Listening & Speaking 教学目的 1. Learn to describe some interesting places in the world; 2. learn to talk about Ss’ travels they once had at home and abroad and tell what they saw and heard to others; 3. Understand the conversations about traveling. 教学重点 Description of some interesting places in the world; Introduction of one’s travel to an interesting place; Talking about how to plan a travel with a tour group. 教学难点 Understand and make conversations about traveling; Learn how to make plan for a travel at home or abroad. 补充或参考内容 二维码扫描阅读内容 使用教具 Multi-media classroom and equipment, PPT of the textbook. 课外作业 1. Review the section of Listening & Speaking; 2. Preview Reading A in this unit. 课后体会 授课主要内容 Unit One Traveling Around (1st and 2nd hours) Warm-up Task 1 Famous interesting places in the world. Objective: Ss can make brief introductions of these interesting places in the pictures. Steps: ? Ss look at the pictures. ? Ss make introductions of these pictures as detailed as possible. ? Ts give more detailed information about these interesting places and ask Ss to retell. Task 2 How many interesting places have you been to? Objective: Ss can list the interesting places they have ever been to and introduce them to class. Steps: ? Ask Ss to make a list of interesting places they have been to. ? Ss introduce one or more of these places they list on the text-books. Listening & Speaking Task 1 I have been to Australia. Objective: Ss can understand the conversation and fill in the blanks with correct information. Steps: ? Play the script two times. ? Ask Ss to listen carefully and fill in the blanks. ? Ask Ss to tell the class their answers. Answers: Weather: warm in winter. People: 1) always seem happy; 2) be warm to each other. Country: it is really a wonderful place for visitors.


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