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新视野大学英语听说教程第三版1 until test.doc 49页

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新视野大学英语听说教程第三版1 until test
窗体顶端 1. A. The man went to Jenny's party yesterday. B. The woman expected to eat various foods before going to Jenny's party. C. The woman enjoyed the foods at Jenny's party very much. D. The man is inviting the woman to have dinner together. 2. A. He was bored. B. He was somewhat interested. C. He enjoyed it very much. D. He was neutral about it. 3. A. Because Rob has fallen in love with another girl. B. Because they quarreled with each other. C. Because Rob has been cheating on Suzie. D. Because Rob has found Suzie unfaithful. 4. A. She broke up with Jim two month ago. B. She went through an unhappy feeling. C. She never believes in love at first sight. D. Her opinion towards love is influenced by her sister's experience. 5. A. Dogs. B. Rabbits. C. Cats. D. Turtles. Part II Transcript Directions: Listen to a long conversation and choose the best answer to each question you hear. 1. A. She prefers to answer a question about her favorite day. B. She prefers to select her favorite song from the 60s. C. She finds it difficult to answer. D. She finds it easy to answer. 2. A. Her favorite song in the 60s. B. Her favorite pop song in the 70s. C. Her favorite rock song in 1956. D. Her favorite Beatles' song from 1965. 3. A. The hits chart from 1965. B. The hits chart from the 60s. C. The top Beatles' song list of 1956. D. The top Rolling Stones' songs of the 70s. 4. A. Every time he goes to a karaoke bar, he finds it the only English song available. B. Every time he goes to a karaoke bar, he finds it one of few English songs available. C. Each time he sits in a karaoke bar, all people sing it. D. Each time he sits in a karaoke bar, most people sing it. 5. A. A jazz song. B. A Beatles' song. C. A Rolling Stones' song. D. A heavy metal tune. Part III Transcript Directions: List


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