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Food Nutrition and Health2

Food Nutrition and Health 0908401-29 liaoxiaomei Biggest Killer in 1900? 1.Pneumonia(肺炎) 2.Malaria(疟疾) 3.Cancer 4.Heart Disease Leading Causes of Death,2006 1.Diseases of the heart 2.Cancer 3.Stroke(中风) 4.Chronic respiratory diseases(慢性呼吸病) 1. Protein 2. Grain(谷类) 3. Fruit 4. Vegtable 5. Milk Diet is related to heart,disease,cancer,stroke and Diabetes Now potentially to some of the other things as well,. so we can see the overall contribution of diet to health is very important,and estimates are that you can attribute two point six million deaths per year globally to low intake of fruits and vegetables. Inceasing consumption to recommended level could reduce: heart disease by 31% stroke by 19% some cancers by 20% Changing the diet of populations is a pretty good idea and it is the king of thing that could help individuals certainly lead healthier , happier lives, bue aslo could change things like healthcare costs for a whole country, so there are big, big factors. 2000 calories is the average for the typical person.But, of course,people have greatly differing calorie needs.Men will need more calories than women,people who are very active will need more than people who are less active,etc. Undernutrition or hunger is a major problem in China before, it can affect every single system of the body and can have devastating consequences on people's health.Of couse death can be the final consequence of this.But now peope give more views on overnutrition, with the obesity.Just like hunger affects almost every system of the body,obesity does as well, and has consequences that are far ranging and long-lasting. Men and women tend to distribute fat in different parts of the body.When men gain weight they tend to distribute it above the waist, abdominal obesity, or what's called the apple shape.Women tend to distribute the fat in the lower part of the body, below the waist, in what's called


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