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Chapter 05 Net Present Value and Other Investm.DOC 9页

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Final Exam (Chapter 7, 8, 9) Name: ______________________________ Multiple Choice Questions (3*33=99…100) ?1.?The difference between the present value of an investment and its cost is the:? A.?net present value. B.?internal rate of return. C.?payback period. D.?profitability index. E.?discounted payback period. ? ? 2. The Winston Co. is considering two mutually exclusive projects with the following cash flows. The crossover rate is _____ and if the required rate is higher than the crossover rate then project _____ should be accepted. ??? A.?13.94%; A B.?13.94%; B C.?15.44%; A D.?15.44%; B E.?15.86%; A 3.?The discount rate that makes the net present value of an investment exactly equal to zero is called the:? A.?external rate of return. B.?internal rate of return. C.?average accounting return. D.?profitability index. E.?equalizer. ? ? 4.?Matt is analyzing two mutually exclusive projects of similar size and has prepared the following data. Both projects have 5 year lives. ?? Matt has been asked for his best recommendation given this information. His recommendation should be to accept:? A.?project B because it has the shortest payback period. B.?both projects as they both have positive net present values. C.?project A and reject project B based on their net present values. D.?project B and reject project A based on other criteria not mentioned in the problem. E.?project B and reject project A based on both the payback period and the average accounting return. ? 5.?Modified internal rate of return:? A.?handles the multiple IRR problem by combining cash flows until only one change in sign change remains. B.?requires the use of a discount rate. C.?does not require the use of a discount rate. D.?Both A and B. E.?Both A and C. ? 6.?A project will have more than one IRR if:? A.?the IRR is positive. B.?the IRR is negative. C.?the NPV is zero. D.?the cash flow pattern exhibits more than one sign change. E.?the cash flow pattern exhibits exactly one sign change


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