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INFORMED CONSENT The American Association of Orthodontists endorses the following information for parents and patients considering orthodontic care. Please read it carefully. Also, note that the pronoun you is used for you as the patient or you as the parent or guardian.Benefits of Orthodontic TreatmentOrthodontics is an exciting treatment that can provide better dental health and comfort, improved appearance and an enhanced self esteem. Orthodontics plays an important role in improving one’s oral health, and in achieving balance and harmony between the teeth and face for a beautiful, healthy smile.As a general rule, an informed and cooperative patient can achieve positive orthodontic results. Thus, the following information is routinely given to all who are considering orthodontic treatment. While recognizing the benefits of healthy teeth and a pleasing smile, you should also be aware that orthodontic treatment has limitations and potential risks. These are seldom serious enough to indicate that treatment should be avoided, but they should be considered in making the decision whether or not to undergo orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment usually proceeds as planned; however, as in all areas of the healing arts, results cannot be guaranteed, nor can all consequences be anticipated. Because of individual conditions present and the limitations of treatment imposed by nature, each specific benefit may not be attainable for every patient. The unknown factor in any orthodontic correction is the genetic makeup of the patient and/or their response to the orthodontic treatment.The purpose of the procedures is to strive to improve the bite by helping to direct the forces placed on the teeth, thus protecting them from trauma during ordinary everyday activities, such as chewing. Orthodontics enables the teeth to be positioned to distribute the forces of chewing throughout the mouth to minimize the stresses on the bones, roots, gum tissue and jaw joints. Ortho


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