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    * * * * Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show? 黑龙江省肇东市跃进中学 王克平 period1 sitcom (situation comedy) news What kinds of TV shows do you know ? soap opera talk show game show sports show talent show comedy action movie scary movie / thriller documentary Names of the shows sitcom talent show news scary movie / thriller soap opera action movie talk show comedy game show sports show documentary Tell us the names of the shows Memory Challenge What do you think of game shows? I like game shows. What do you think of talent shows? I love talent shows. I don’t mind them. What do you think of soccer games? I don’t like talk shows. What do you think of talk shows? I can’t stand them. Watch a video What kind of TV show is it? How many people take part in the show? How much is the prize? What do you think of it? 16. Half a million dollars. Game show. … 1b.Listen and answer the questions 1.What does Mark plan to do later? He plans to watch TV. 2.What does Jack think of talk show? He doesn’t mind them. 3.What does Jack think of talent show? He can’t stand talent show/it. Listen and choose true or false. Mark plans to watch TV tonight. Jack doesn’t mind talk shows. Jack thinks talent shows are quite funny. Jack doesn’t want to watch the soccer game. T T F F 1b Listening They’re OK. I don’t mind them. Then let’s watch a talk show. 1c.Pair work What do you want to watch? What do you think of talk shows? Listen to Lin Hui and Sally’s conversation. Number the TV shows [1-5] in the order you hear them. __sitcoms __ news __ game shows __ talk shows __soap operas 2 1 5 3 4 2a.Listening * * * *


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