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Ten rules of interview 面试的十条经典规则
Ten Rules about Interview 1. Keep your answers brief and concise. Unless asked to give more details, limit your answers to two to three minutes per question. To practice you can tape yourself and see how long it takes you to fully answer a question. 2. Include concrete, quantifiable data. Interviewees tend to talk in generalities. Unfortunately, generalities often fail to convince interviewers that the applicant has assets. Include measurable information and provide details about specific accomplishments when discussing your strengths. 3. Repeat your key strengths three times. If you repeat your strengths then they will be remembered and if supported with quantifiable accomplishments they will more likely be believed. 4. Prepare five or more success stories. 5. Put yourself on their team. Show that you are thinking like a member of the team and will fit in with the existing environment. Be careful though not to say anything that would offend or be taken negatively. Your research will help you in this area. 6. Image is often as important as content. gestures, physical appearance, and attire are highly influential during job interviews. 7. Ask questions. Good questions require advance preparation. Just as you plan how you would answer an interviewer’s questions, write out any specific questions you want to ask. Don’t ask about benefits or salary. The interview process is a two-way street whereby you and the interviewer assess each other to determine if there is an appropriate match. 8. Maintain a conversational flow. Use feedback questions at the end of your answers and use body language and voice intonation to create a conversational interchange between you and the interviewer. 9. Research the company, product lines and competitors. Research will provide information to help you decide whether you are interested in the company and important data to refer to during the interview. 10. Keep an interview journal. As soon as possible, write a br


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