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persuasive speech outline- wikispaces(有说服力的演讲大纲——wikispaces).doc 5页

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Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Goal is to persuade the audience to do something It must be something that is do-able for this audience It should be something that they are capable of doing this year You should provide them with everything they need to know in order to accomplish what you have asked You need to demonstrate why they need to do it You should stress the advantages of what will happen if they do it This should be an original project, not a recycled speech from another class or a rearranged composition paper, etc. Requirements Time: 5-7 minutes References: 6 non-internet sources: Books, journals, magazines, newspapers Plus unlimited number of credible, internet sources Typed, alphabetized in APA format Outline: Full sentence outline typed in proper format Uses Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: Attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, action Includes Attention getter, credibility, preview, transition, review, closure Research is used in the outline-Specifically referenced at least four times Outline included inoculation statement, ethos, pathos, logos, 3 agreement statements and colorful language clearly marked Outline Clinic: Bring 4 copies of your outline Bring 4 copies of your reference page Bring 4 copies of the outline clinic form Trade these with 3 students and give one copy to the teacher Special Items: Must use an inoculation statement (label on outline) Must Demonstrate: Ethos, Pathos, Logos—mark on outline Find 3 areas where the audience can agree Must include 2 types of colorful language –clearly marked on the outline Visual Aid: Required to use a visual aid, the type is dependant on your speech goals. If you use Power-Point, remember the crucial rules: 6x6, plain font, 28 point, blank slide at the end Rubric: Print a rubric, read over it before class. Bring the form the day you speak Notecards: Only use brief notecards. Do not read from the Power Point. Do not use y


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