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    Company biography 3.1 Reading A D F F O O S T Fast food 3.1 Reading Do you like fast food? When was the last time you went to a fast food restaurant? What are the things you like & dislike about fast food? Try to define "fast food" Fast food (also known as Quick Service Restaurant or QSR within the industry itself) is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Can you name some famous fast food restaurants? Fast food 快 fast 新鲜 fresh 油炸 fries 浪漫感 upscale atmosphere 福特主义 fordism 特许经营权 franchising Franchising: The practice of using another firm's successful business model. 高入座率 higher sit-in ratios ratio: 比率,比例 ratio: 比率,比例 The man behind McDonald's (P1)The restaurant featured a limited menu that included: hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks and milkshakes. feature: n & vt. 是...的特色,以...为特色 The new type engines feature high speed, small size and economical operating costs. 这种新型发动机以高速、小型和运作费用低为特色 french fries: 法式炸薯条。chips soft drink: (软)饮料 non-alcoholi beverage typically containing water and a flavoring agent. milkshake: 奶昔 这家餐馆的特色是食品种类虽少却精 包括汉堡、薯条、(软)饮料和奶昔。 The man behind McDonald's (P1)The milkshakes were very popular and the restaurant had purchased ten special "multimixer" milkshake makers. purchase: 购买,采购:They have purchased 30% of the shares of the company. 他们购买了该公司30%的股份。 multimixer: n. 多用混合器,多用混合机. mutli为常用前缀,表“(许)多”,如:multicoloured多色的,multimillion 数百万的,a multicultural society融合多种文化的社会 奶昔十分受欢迎,餐馆因此购买了十台专用于调制奶昔的“多功能搅拌器”。 3.2 Company performance Press release: 新闻稿 record profits: 历史最高利润 Athens Daily Menu 雅典每日菜肴公司 announces a new line in vegetarian and organic menus, to add to its extensive high-quality product range. line: (货物的)种,类。This dress is one of our latest lines. 这是我们最新款套裙中的一款。 vegetarian: vegetable蔬菜 organic:有机的,器官的 雅典每日菜肴公司宣布退出心品素食菜肴和有机蔬菜菜肴,为其种类已十分丰富的高品质菜系再添新的选择。 3.2 Company performance P31 SISSO 西索上市股份有限公司 SISSO manufactures innovative, hight-quality seats and interiors for cars, s


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