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Book2 Module4 Fine Arts 单元练习题精品课件.ppt

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    * 对……感兴趣 _________________ 因为…而出名 _________________ 作为…而出名 _________________ 有 能 力 做 _________________ 对……着迷 _________________ 不 能 容 忍 _________________ 对…感到厌烦 ________________ be interested in be famous/known for be famous/known as be able to do be crazy about can’t stand be/get tired of 1. phrases: 放弃 _______________ 成功地(做)… _______________ 推迟 _______________ 擅长 _______________ 盼望 _______________ 继续做某事 _______________ _______________ 培养对…的兴趣 ________________ give up succeed in (doing) sth put off be good at look forward to develop an interest in go on /continue doing/to do 在某人二十几岁 ______________ 喜欢,喜爱 ______________ 从……..可以看出 ______________ 轮流 ______________ 一系列的 ______________ 扑灭,镇压 ______________ in one’s twenties be fond of tell by take turns a series of put out 2. Word—spelling: When facing a problem, we should consider it in all a______. It is a t_______ that women get married in long white dresses in some western countries. They caught the bear a___ in the forest without any weapon. They haven’t their own child for some reasons, so Tom is their a______ son. spects radition live dopted After the snowstorm, all the crops were d________. In the afternoon they will go to an e________ of modern art. There are many works of famous painters. This homework gives students practice in written e_________. In order to seize this criminal, the police put on his p______ here and there. A l_________ is a picture showing an area of countryside or land. estroyed xhibition xpression ortrait andscape This film is full of d________ moments and makes the audience laugh. He visited many art g_______ during his staying in London. Nowadays, all the children lead a c_______ life. This film is full of d________ moments and makes the audience laugh. This p______


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