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CO NTE NTS Volume 205 No 2745 NEWS 5 EDITORIAL We've much still to learn about "vegetative" patients 6 UPFRONT Clinical trials should include the elderly, Stem cell science "stifled", NASA hit in US budget. Pacific waves are getting taller B THIS WEEK How to communicatewith people who seem unconscious, Huge impact of exported UK emissions, Concern over DIY sperm counters, Can headache pill save trauma victims? Quantum secrets of photosynthesis 16 IN BRIEF The warming power of water. How Asians got the booze-battling gene, Complex smells make food more satisfying, Laser fusion breakthrough, Comets doomed 19 TECHNOLOG Y Internet telescope inspects web's dark heart. Elegant photos for all. Sun-storm warnings from a chip-sized spacecraft OPINION 24 Neurons for peace Neuroscientists must stop their work being used to advance torture and aggressive wars, says Curtis Bell 25 One minute with.., Rob Hopkins, promoter of the Transition Towns movement 26 LETTERS Alternatives to robot border guards, Pitfalls of consciousness studies 2B Rewriting Darwin Let's admit that natural selection isn't the whole story, say Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini FEATURES 32 Why water is so weird (see right) 36 On the origin of Earth's oxygen (see right) 40 The age of the whale Vast numbers of the mighty mammals once ruled the oceans 43 Bye-bye wires Will beamed power finally free your appliances from the socket on the wall? REGULARS 26 ENIGMA 46 BOOKS & ARTS Reviews What liberal democracy owes to science, A history of death by poison, Bacteria and fungi galore, A Nobelist's musings 56 FEEDBACK 57 THE LASTWORD 4B JOBS & CAREERS 32 36 . . "' .. - . . .. ' Speaking to the brain We can now communicate with people once thought to be unconscious COVER STORY '-. ' Whywater .. issow eird Secrets of the strangest ? liquidrevealed Cover image BIWNGa liery Stock Life'sa gas Where did all the oxygen come from? Coming next week Impossible star Relic from a long lost universe PLUS A marriage made


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