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LOCKEDIUM FESTIVAL HOST LlFETECHIUM ?h",l'9i". FOUNDATION LOCKHEED MARTIN AMERICIUM c) ?TSI POPULAR SCIENCE€) THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS NDBELIUM EINSTEINIUM "",..I. i1,i EEmmesGroup FARRELL FAMILY FOUNDATION RESMED FOUNDATION SCIENTUlC AMERICAN ? AlEXANDItIA. KRYPTON AgilentTechnologies AliGN illumlna' i6\ ..". "'" ? ? Forbes Wolfe PLATINUM PAULADIUM V?.. X CI ?=.. I?I Medlmmune K&LIGATES ? NuVasive Inc. FEICompany Case Western Reserve University TITANIUM $ pLJW FAMU.Y Bilxter Bechtel Corporation SpaceX National Radio Astronomy Observatory SCIV,. Research in Motion CONTENTS Volume 205 No 2754 NE WS 3 EDITORIAL Geoengineering must win our trust 4 UPFRONT Sustainable fish farming, Nan osate llite clears space junk 6 THIS WEEK Who decides when to hackthe planet? Runaway star sowed seeds of solar system, Co unting swine flu's dead, Genetic mask could treat wasting muscle, Howthe brain constructs moral ity, Asian pollution goes global 9 IN SIGHT Wh ere wil l US nuclear waste go now that the Yucca mountain plan is scrapped? 12 IN BRIEF Archoeopteryxeyes preferred dark skies, J unk food "addicts" are exactly that. T rexhad family down under 15 TECHNOLOGY Bionic control for paralysed l i m bs, Pointillistic computer graphics, Google undermines the great fi rewa ll's foundations OPINION 20 All at sea? Exploiting Scotland's tides is notworth the energy, says Hans van Haren 20 Searching secrets Even simple web queries cost the Earth, warnsJames Clarage 21 One minute with... Francisco Ayala, geneticist and winner of the El million Templeton prize 22 LETTERS Accidental origins, Microbes are us 24 Novelist Ian McEwen Why climate change is at the heart of his new book Solar, and why men shouldn't pee at -40·C FEATURES 26 Frontiers of the mind (see right) 34 Really smart cars Vehicles that drive themselves are safer, cleaner and make better use of precious road space - so where are they? 3B Damp side of the moon (see right) REGULARS 22 ENIGMA 42 BOOKS &ARTS Gallery exclusive Stephen H


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