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CO N T E N TS Volume 205 No 2755 NEWS 5 EDITORIAL Sense at last on gene patents 6 UPFRONT Pig sushi diabetes treatment. Drilling for climate votes 8 THIS WEEK Brai n-zapping depression therapy suggests "circuit board" view of mind, Our viral origins, Ageing alters stress reactions, Mathematics of carvings reveals long-lost language, Did magnetic poles once sit at equator? Life and death at the bird feeder 14 IN BRIEF Close cal l with death leaves its mark on DNA. "It's not fair!" in chimp-speak 17 TECHNOLOGY Ai rborne detector spots graves, Avatars' lying eyes, The interactive projection is on the wall OPINION 22 Is whaling back? The world is poised to let commercial whaling restart, How did we get here, ask Mark Simmonds and Sue Fisher 23 One minute with... Simon Singh on his ongoing court challengeto chiropractic 24 LETTERS Solving duality, Vivid motion 26 The Age of the Old (see right) FEATURES 28 The random matrix (see right) 32 Peel and power Nanomaterials are set to make solar power cheaper and more flexible than ever 34 Dangerous DNA Behavioural genetics on trial TRAVEL SPECIAL Wonder lust Having visited some of the world's most exotic and fasci nating destinations, New Scientist writers recommend their favourites in our eightpull-outsupplement REGULARS 24 ENIGMA 38 BOOKS &ARTS Interview Why evolutionary biologist E, 0, Wilson has turned novelist 39 Gallery The world's oldest living things 40 Reviews Climate dystopia, Psychiatry's tricky future, Rethinking middle age 48 FEEDBACK Yummy negative-calorie diets 49 THE LAST WORD Strange world ofUluru 42 JOBS &CAREERS Quasar time teaser Events seem to be unfolding faster than expected in far-off quasars COVER STORY Enter the matrix The simple idea at the root of reality The Age of the Old Fewer babies, more oldies- is that such a bad thing? Coming next week The day the Earth exploded How a megad isaster s hap ed the cou rse of human evolution PLUS A qua ntu m twist on cold h a rd cas h USA 225 Wyman Street. Waltham


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