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Cultural differences in politeness between western and Chinese 1.Greeting and Parting In China, When people meet acquaintances or friends, we always say ,“Have you eaten yet?” What are you going to do?” In English, people often employ the following expressions to greet each other “Good morning/evening/afternoon. “Fine day, isn’t it? ”How is everything going?”,etc. Western and Chinese cultures have diverse ways to deal with leave-takings. Western people always try to make their leaving sound reluctant by finding some reasons and apologize for it to make the leaving acceptable for both parties. They often signal several times before leaving. Such as, 1.“I am afraid I must be off, I have to …” 2.“Well, it’s been nice to see you again. I do enjoy our talk and the lovely dinner, but I must be going soon”. 3.“Thank you very much for asking me over. I hope we’ll be able to get together again before long…” 2..Addressing East&West Chinese use “title +surname” to address their superior or elders rather than call them surnames, while the superior or elders call the addressers their names. otherwise, the addresser may be considered as ill mannered, ill educated or rude. In west, Although they are different in age and status, they can call the other directly, namely, their names, even first names .They demonstrate the sense of intimacy and the conception of” Everyone is created equal” 3.Compliments and Response East&West What we can see from it? The Americans are “straight forwardness”, the Chinese take pride in “modesty”. In the response to compliments. Chinese are tend to efface themselves in words or refuse it, although they do feel comfortable about the compliments. 4. Thanks and Responses 5. Asking Personal Affairs People from China do not regard it as asking personal affairs when they ask others name、age、marital status、wages、personal life、belief and political points. It is


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