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2012年全国创新杯说课大赛作品汇总BookIIUnit7ReadingTwo-dayTourinSydney.ppt 26页

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* Book II Unit 7 Reading Two-day Tour in Sydney 6-15 teaching material students teaching objectives teaching & learning methods teaching reflection teaching procedures blackboard design Book II Unit 7 Reading Two-day Tour in Sydney Two-day Tour in Sydney Part I. Analysis of the teaching material places activities CARRIER enlarge Ss’ knowledge develop Ss’ four skills learn for work learn for fun Part II. Ss’ learning background Sydney tourism Most students are not good at English. They don’t have effective learning methods and strategies. They easily get bored. Part III. Teaching objectives ◆ KNOW the tour plan about Sydney well ◆ MASTER Knowledge objectives Ability objectives Moral objectives words: excellent, relax, show … phrases: all over the world, get close to … ◆ Be able to MAKE a tour plan ◆ Can better DEVELOP reading skills skimming scanning guessing the meaning of words ◆ Make up their mind to study hard and be a good tour guide in the future. teaching focus difficult point Company Logo Communicative Approach Cooperative Learning Method Situational Teaching Approach Part IV. Teaching & learning methods Benjamin Franklin Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. Task-based Method Step 5 (5’) Step 4 (10’) Step 3 (20’) Step 2 (5’) Step 1 (4’) Stimulate schema to lead in Scan to get specific information Complete tasks to get details & study language Practise to consolidate knowledge Discuss to improve professional quality Part V. Teaching procedures (45’) free talk Do you have any travel plan this year? video quiz There is an excellent place for holiday. Step 1: Stimulate schema to lead in Sydney ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Royal Botanical Gardens Opera House Market Sydney Opera House Elizabeth Bay House Bondi Beach Sydney Harbor Bridge Sydney Aquarium Step 2: Scan to get specific information Task 3 Task 2 Task 1 Step 3: Complete tasks to get details & study language read & paste Task 1 Unit 7 Reading Two-day Tour in


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