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导游英语试题3 Part I. Write the Chinese meaning of each word below. (15%) 1. metropolis 2. fairyland 3. renderings 4. fossils 5. reefs 6. swarm 7. robust 8.limestone 9.decent 10. resemble 11.sedan 12.forbidden city 13. meridian 14.pass 15. dynasty Part II. Complete the following statements according to the text you learned (15%). The Great Wall, like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India and the Hanging Garden of Babylon, is one of the great __________ of the world. The Golden Water River is spanned by five bridges, which were supposed to be ___________ of the five virtues preached by Confucius: benevolence, righteousness, rites, intelligence, and fidelity. The Dingling mausoleum was excavated in 1958 and has since been open to the public as an underground __________. _______________, or the garden of Harmonious Unity, has a history of over 800 years, with ups and downs. The life of ________people in whose Hutong contributes greatly to the charm of this ancient capital. Guilin in subtropical south china has the ________ of having the country’s most beautiful scenery. Traveling towards Dunhuang, the flat, barren desert landscape suddenly gives way to a ________ green cultivated fields. Such is her beauty that, like Hangzhou, the city of Suzhou has often been called an “_____________”. Xi’an, once the capital of eleven Chinese _______, is famous throughout the world for life-sized terra-cotta warriors and horses. Mount Huangshan owes its ________ scenic value to four major factors. Everyone knows that the Yangze Gorges are changing since the well-known _____________ project is being built at Sandouping, Yichang, Hubei Province. Yunnan is a delightful place. Home of 25 ___________ groups, the province is alive with colorful cultures and traditions. The Nax


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