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Neol Tyl 太阳弧读书摘要 作者:Noel Tyl 摘要、翻译:晴空月明 /qkym 0-前言 这些年颇有人从现代走向崇古,有的不免走得太过。只是旧时经典固然经典,新物事也未必就一定 不好用的,现代自然科学并非有过无功,宋儒清儒未必一无是处,用时方的医生们也没有就治不好 病,谁说现代西洋占星就要算不准呢。 Noel Tyl 是有名的现代占星师,他官网上的简介: Noel Tyl [no-el' til] is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. His thirty-three textbooks have led the teaching of astrologers for two generations. Tyl wrote the comprehensive professional manual for the field– the 1,000text Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology – which put astrology securely in pace with the most sophisticated disciplines of humanistic studies extant today. As well, most recently, he has written Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process, a much-needed guide that will forever change the process of astrological vocational counseling. In the 1970's, it was Tyl who first integrated psychological need theory into astrological analysis. In the years thereafter, he has continued to hone that process with an eye to keeping analysis clear and relevant to his clients' lives. He has eschewed the all-to-common practice of adding unnecessary layers of measurement complexity onto chart analysis simply because computers allow it to be done. He offers a streamlined approach that brings each horoscope vividly to life and properly centers astrological consultations on the reality experience of people rather than upon a compendium of technical textbook measurements. Tyl lectures frequently in many countries and maintains a client list of individuals and corporations throughout the world. He is now making some of his seminars available on DVD's with his new "Tyl Teaches" series. In August, 2006, Tyl released the first two volumes – Volume 1: "15


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