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REVIEW www.MaterialsV Graphene-Based Electrodes Xiao Huang, Zhiyuan Zeng, Zhanxi Fan, Juqing Liu, and Hua Zhang* www.advmat.de method[1] (or the “scotch tape” method), Graphene, the thinnest two dimensional carbon material, has become the thermal decomposition of SiC,[9,10] chem- subject of intensive investigation in various research ?elds because of its remarkable electronic, mechanical, optical and thermal properties. Graphenebased electrodes, fabricated from mechanically cleaved graphene, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown graphene, or massively produced graphene ical vapor deposition (CVD),[11–21] the exfo- liation and reduction of chemically oxidized graphite,[22–58] exfoliation of graphite and graphite intercalated compounds,[59–65] solvothermal synthesis,[66] organic syn- derivatives from bulk graphite, have been applied in a broad range of applica- thesis,[67] and so on. Despite of its ability to tions, such as in light emitting diodes, touch screens, ?eld-effect transistors, yield the high quality single- and few-layer solar cells, supercapacitors, batteries, and sensors. In this Review, after a short introduction to the properties and synthetic methods of graphene and its derivatives, we will discuss the importance of graphene-based electrodes, their fabrication techniques, and application areas. graphene sheets, the mechanical cleavage method is dif?cult to massively produce graphene for the practical application. The CVD method, on the other hand, has been recognized as one of the most promising processes to reliably generate high-quality graphene ?lms, particularly used for elec- 1. Introduction to the Properties and Fabrication Methods of Graphene tronic and optoelectronic devices. Since Kong et al. reported the CVD growth of few-layer graphene ?lms on the polycrystalline Ni substrate in 2009,[18] tremendous efforts have been made Graphene, a two-dimensional (2D) form of carbon atoms with to

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