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WELLS FARGO NEW OppORtuNitiES. uNChANGiNG viSiON. Wells Fargo & Company Annual Report 2011 New opportunities. Unchanging vision. “The reason we wake up in the morning is to help our customers succeed financially and to satisfy all their financial needs. The result is we make money because of our focus on serving customers, not the other way around. This time-tested vision will forever be what matters to Wells?Fargo. We’ll?never put the stagecoach ahead of the?horses.”— John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer WELLS FARGO & COMPANY 2011 ANNUAL REPORT Today’s Wells?Fargo is a coast-to-coast company with vast reach. We touch people and businesses billions of times a year?—? at least 5?billion times a year in the Community Bank alone. But we never forget that financial services is a people business. Working one on one with customers to help them with the decisions they face every day is at the core of who we are. First we listen to customers like Tony Williamson, who started a Minnesota-based IT staffing business, Ajasa Technologies, with his wife, Shelley, in 1995. Then we offer guidance and solutions. Wells?Fargo helped their business with credit to manage cash flow. Now Ajasa Technologies has 400 employees and is developing mobile applications for digital payments. “You can’t do what you were doing a year ago,” said Williamson. “You have to change, and Wells?Fargo has helped us adapt.” Multiply that times our more than 270,000 team members who share the same spirit. New opportunities. Unchanging?vision. 2 To our owners 10 70,000,000 opportunities 23 Board of Directors, Senior Leaders 25 Financial Review 112 Controls and Procedures 114 Financial Statements 231 Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 235 Stock Performance Wells?Fargo & Company (NYSE :WFC) We’re a diversified financial services company? —?community-based and relationship-oriented?—? serving people across the nation and around the

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