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The Formwork to The Millau Viaduct ice Ireland Engineers Ireland Nov 2007 Tonight’s Menu Introduction Background The Deck The Pier Bases The Piers The system used for climbing Shape and the challenges in forming it The philosophy behind the formwork engineering On the Way U The completed Piers The Toll Plaza Canopy Conclusion What did we get for the money The Framework of the Presentation Background to the bridge Why it was built Where it is Who provided initial design How it came to look the way it does When it started and was finished What it is made of Where A75 Motorway link from Clermont Ferrand to Berziers Satellite Photo of the Trace Why That stretch is missing link in motorway route from Paris to Barcelona Before viaduct traffic drove down into the valley and through the town of Millau August regularly saw delays of 5 hrs+ in Millau, which gridlocked an entire town Millau Background to Design Originally designed by Michel Virlogeux whose conce t was taken up by Sir Norman Foster’s practise Pont de Normandie Wishbone Pylon and Cable Stay Briefly the longest cable stay span in the world Design The slender design of the Virlogeux/Foster Viaduct was chosen but had a contrasting pier design to the Pont De Normandie The wide based Wishbone of the Normandie Piers had become a very slender “Y” shape for Millau High Level Wind Loads in Valley created a weak point in the wishbone One of the Millau piers is 4 times higher than the Normandie piers The “Open

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