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The Application of Pragmatic Principles in Business English Correspondence 英语专业毕业论文.doc 40页

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The Application of Pragmatic Principles in Business English Correspondence 1 A Brief Introduction of the PaperAs technology advances and trade and exchanges between countries increase, it is becoming more and more important to understand both spoken and written English in many situations such as face-to-face, on the telephone, in business meetings, lectures, speeches, television, and so on.There have been a lot of books and studies related to the Business English Correspondence. Some of them start with introducing the importance and influence of Business English Correspondence and the basic types of Business English Correspondence. Some focus on instructing Chinese readers on how to write business correspondence in English by analyzing the language characteristics. Some discuss a lot on Business English Correspondence by presenting the frequently used techniques by general means or providing necessary background information for some frequently seen Business English Correspondence.Although Business English Correspondence is always included in the above-mentioned studies, they don’t separate it from other forms of writing. Besides, the standards for business writing have been changing all the time. At present, with the rapid development of economic globalization, people have more chances to contact with the outside world and conduct business universally through Internet, broadcasting and Business English Correspondence as well. The Business English Correspondence, as a particular sort of media, is a complex blend of national, social, economic and linguistic tradition. Thus, varieties of problems often arise when people confront writing Business English Correspondence, especially in a foreign language. Generally speaking, People may have no problem in completely understanding Business English Correspondence; however, in no way can one write out a good piece of Business English Correspondence without studying the general knowledge of pragmatic principles. Problems exist

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